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Facebook ads generate over 3.5 million views and are a new source of revenue for a successful financial services firm.   

Making an already great company reach further.

Key Results

3.5 million

New potential clients reached


Advertising clicks


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Our client required additional websites for their growing global company and financial services structured for expatriates in key global locations.

In addition, they required a way to reach their target market within these locations globally, each location would have a unique set of demographics and requirements, and the client was looking to expand brand awareness while simultaneously generating new client leads.

As this was an already well-established brand with little social online presence, the goal was to create branded content and social media accounts across the highest-grossing points of contact.

A structured consistent approach was used to ensure a steady growth pattern.

Right Fit

At 4Infiniti, we take pride in partnering with companies of all sizes and working with a large corporation with a global reach was no different,  applying our own unique hands-on approach to clients of all sizes allowed us to showcase our talents to the CEO, and we apply a quick effective strategy with a passion to see results for our clients.

This created a well-oiled machine and allowed for a great working partnership.

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We needed to conduct an assessment of the existing website and reach of the client, we established a baseline and build a ground-up social media presence to compliment the new website. We then started utilizing a unique advertising method on Facebook to generate a large number of post views to a targeted demographic.

In turn, this generated traffic to the newly built website that was designed to provide visitors with an experience of quality of information, service and call to action.

Approaching a multi-location organisation requires the same care as approaching a single location; we must guarantee that the website is geared to flow the traffic from social media to ensure prospective clients can navigate from Facebook ad to website to sign-up. 

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